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We are Sapphire Coast Studios, three people who share a passion for design, a love of the ocean and many good years of friendship. 


After several years living and working abroad, Kim & Shahram returned to Australia to fulfill a life-long dream to settle on the Sapphire Coast and create a business that will allow them to showcase the unique scenery and lifestyle of the region.


Marine is an artist, graphic designer and intrepid traveller.  Her illustrations capture the diversity of her travels, so it was no surprise that when she was introduced to the Sapphire Coast, she was inspired by its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.


Our approach to design aims to capture the essence of life in the Sapphire Coast, the charm of every town from the rolling emerald hills of Candelo to the aqua clear waters of Pambula.  The stunning beaches, the surf and marine life, the amazing wilderness and national parks, the food and wine, the heritage architecture and the vibrant community life.


By creating destination merchandise inspired by the region, we provide a range of unique mementos for travellers and locals alike that they can take home as a memory of the Sapphire Coast.

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